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Australian Coins and Banknotes 2014 Pocket Guide
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Can you name the highest peak in mainland Australia? Do you know which Australian capital city had to be rebuilt twice? What natural feature of Australia is the only living thing on Earth that can be seen from outer space? In Australia's Greatest ... read more

Australias Greatest Landmarks and Locations
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 Australian History

The Art of Science presents the best of Museum Victoria's remarkable collection of natural history artworks. The book opens with the 'paper museums' of the seventeenth and eighteenth century, stunning collections of the bizarre and fabulous, each one exquisitely depicted. It presents the valiant artis... read more

The Art of Science
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Ballads and poems from the pens and experiences of some of Australia's best-loved colonial writers. Here is the triumph, the tragedy, the pleasure, pain, strength and humour of the men and women of our untamed past.

Australian Bush Ballads
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 Australian History

From the authors of Australias favourite bush camping and 4WD guides comes a striking review of Australias iconic bush pubs. No-one is in a better position to know which are the countrys most extraordinary bush pubs - or to write about and photograph them. Lavishly illu... read more

Australian Bush Pubs
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Series:Wordsworth Reference

The Wordsworth Dictionary of Synonyms & Antonyms will enable readers to find the most appropriate word to use on a wide range of occasions. It is designed in particular for students, those writing reports, letters and speeches, and crossword solvers, but everyone who enjoys the ri... read more

Book of Urban Legend
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Advanced Australia explores the politics of ageing in Australia. The addition of 25 years to average life expectancy in Australia over the past century is a monumental achievement, but many commentators are greeting the prospect of Australians living longer with horror. The ageing of Australia's baby ... read more

Advanced Australia the Politics of Ageing
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The height and stature of Sequoia sempervirens, or Coast Redwood, are such that the tree is often called the most dramatic expression of life that has ever existed on Earth. This book tells the remarkable story of the world's tallest tree species growing in ... read more

The Redwoods: Of the Otway Ranges
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A sprinkling of prickly characters, some amazing plants and enough dirt to keep things interesting ensures For the Pleasure of the People: A history of 150 years of the Colac Botanic Gardens is as colourful as a b... read more

For the Pleasure of the People A History of 150 Years of the Colac Botanic Gardens
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