Your first time? A bit nervous, not sure what to expect? Welcome to the mysterious world of parenting. Expecting your first baby is wonderful, perplexing and at times downright terrifying. Behind the brave ... read more

What Happens Now?: The Essential Book for First Time Fathers
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This book introduces young people to the information they need as they develop during adolescence. It provides information about puberty, conception, pregnancy and birth. Importantly, the book explores the changin... read more

The Secret Business of Relationships, Love and Sex
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More Secret Girls' Business is a companion volume to Secret Girls' Business. In addition to information about periods, More Secret Girls' Business includes details about physical and emotional changes. It will give girls greater und... read more

More Secret Girls' Business
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50 Years On "The truth must be found out and it must be told. Otherwise the people of Australia will repudiate this parliament forever." - John Jess J. 1967 (Jess J. (1967) CPD 16 May) W... read more

John Jess, Seeker of Justice: The Role of the Parliament in the Hmas Voyager Tragedy
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In 1965, Lennart Nilsson published images from inside the human uterus, the first photographs of prenatal life. The book that was to follow, "A Child is Born", stunned the world - offering an unprecedented glimpse at the unseen world within our... read more

A Child is Born
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Toddler a**holery is a normal part of human development--not unlike puberty, except this stage involves throwing food on the floor and taking swings at people who pay your way in life. For parents of toddlers, it's a "you b... read more

Toddlers are A**Holes: It's Not Your Fault
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This updated and expanded third edition of Pregnancy for Dummies offers mothers-to-be practical advice and expert guidance on every stage of their pregnancy - and beyond. Understand what's happenin... read more

Pregnancy for Dummies 3rd Edition  Australia and New Zealand Edition
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Babies are amazing, with incredible potential for growth and extraordinary powers of development. Desmond Morris's visually stunning and thought-provoking book sets out the astonishing facts to make you marvel a... read more

Baby: A Portrait of the Amazing First Two Years of Life
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Over 1 million copies sold! Twenty-one years young, this childcare classic has helped millions of parents with children at the challenging stage of toddlerdom. Now Dr Green's perennial bestseller has b... read more

Toddler Taming: The Guide to Your Child's Behaviour from One to Four
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A complete guide to preconception health care for prospective parents who want to give their children the best possible start in life. Detoxify your body, improve your diet, clean up your environment and reduce stress, and your chance of having a really healthy baby will be much improved.

The Natural Way to Better Babies: Preconception Health Care for Prospective Parents
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Pregnancy for Modern Girls sells on average 6,500 copies per year Unique style, taking an honest and modern approach to pregnancy unique content tackling the questions other books shy away from. The second book on pregnancy every ex... read more

Pregnancy for Modern Girls
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For single parent families as well as those with two working parents, organising formal childcare can seem complicated and daunting. How are you to navigate your way through all the options available, ... read more

The Childcare BibleThe Ultimate Guide to All Forms of Childcare
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